General & Family Dentistry

From seniors to infants, at Blairmore Dental Centre it is our goal to make the entire family feel comfortable, while ensuring everyone has a healthy smile. 


Routine check-ups are vital to ensure the overall health of your mouth. Teeth are checked for decay and damage, or worn out restorations.  More importantly however, the entire mouth is examined in order to rule out or prevent other potential serious issues. 


Despite how good of a job you might do, plaque and debris can still build up on our teeth in areas that we can’t clean. Over time this plaque becomes mineralized, and forms what is known as tartar (or calculus). It is the job of a hygienist to prevent disease, by removing this tartar and plaque. As well, they will help to ensure you are maintaining the health of your mouth and gums at home.


Fillings are used to fix damaged or decayed teeth. There are many filling materials, however white bonded fillings are most commonly used.  Let us know if you have old worn-out, or damaged fillings that need to be replaced, or if we can help make you love your smile again. 


A root canal (also known as endodontic treatment) is a procedure used to save a tooth that has extensive decay or undergone trauma.  During the procedure, the injured or infected nerve tissue is removed and the tooth sealed up. The tooth can then be restored, and continued to be used normally.


Crowns are used to help return the strength and esthetics of a tooth that has been damaged or heavily restored. During this procedure a thin outer layer of the tooth is removed, a silicone impression taken, and a crown made to fit, which is then cemented in place.

Bridges are an option used to replace missing teeth. In this case the teeth on either side of the absent tooth are prepared the same as for a crown, a silicone impression taken, and crowns that are joined to a fake tooth fill the space.

Oral Surgery & Extractions

Whenever possible, we will do whatever we can to save a tooth. However, if a tooth is beyond repair, infected, or in the way, it may require removal.  If this is the case, we will do whatever is needed to make sure you are comfortable and at ease.

Oral surgery includes the removal of teeth, soft tissue, or modifications to the mouth, in order to maintain a healthy environment.


Another option for replacing missing teeth is with a prosthetic device known as a denture. A complete denture is used in a situation where all of the teeth are missing, and a partial denture is used if only some of the teeth are missing.  If you think a denture is the right option for you, or your existing denture is worn out and unsightly, let us know how we can help.


A dental implant is used to replace a missing tooth. A titanium “screw” is placed in the jaw bone, and then allowed to heal. The screw mimics the roots of a tooth, and once ready, a fake tooth can be built and attached to it. This provides a very esthetic, functional, and durable replacement for a permanent tooth.


Sometimes, we just aren’t happy with the smile we see in the mirror. Teeth can be altered to match the colour and shape that you want in a limitless number of ways. Whitening your teeth, crowns/bridges and veneers, implants, dentures, or even filling build-ups can help achieve the look that will make you proud to show of your teeth. 

Sports Guards & Night Guards

It is very important to protect your teeth from injury.  Injuries to the teeth can happen during sports and recreational activities, or due to grinding and habits at night time.  After taking a mold of your teeth, a custom guard is made specifically to fit and protect your mouth.  Let us know if you are in need of a guard!

Teeth Whitening

If you are interested in a whiter smile, ask us about making whitening trays custom fit to your mouth.  This way, you can whiten your smile at home whenever it is most convenient for you.


More often than not, toothaches and accidents happen outside of business hours.  If an emergency should arise, we want to be there to help in any way we can.  Please keep in mind, there may be additional fees for emergency services that are not covered by most insurance plans.

If you have an emergency, please call (306) 371-7289.